Welcome to Savès 31

A county in the south
of Toulouse region

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Fancy some specialities from the South-West or from another region in France? A gastronomic delight or a quick lunch? Savès has something to satisfy every taste and budget… 

Local bistro

Here you will discover a local bistro which is welcoming and full of charm. The food is locally sourced with traditional dishes served on theme nights and on Friday night to coincide with the local farmers’ market. 

Local fares

Come and sample fresh produce from the region’s plentiful farm shops. Here the farmers will be delighted to share with you their expertise and knowledge of the region. Why not treat yourself to regional specialities like duck, poultry or even local beers.

Farmer's markets

Almost every day you will find a market being held where you can sample the local produce and mingle with the locals. These are always a feast for the senses and a great place to buy delicacies from the region.
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